Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ashton Kutcher taking over

Its been confirmed people! Ashton Kutcher would be replacing Charlie sheen on Two and a Half men.
We have to agree though that Ashton Kutcher is younger and well known, with a huge twitter following and was named by Times as one of the most influential people. Ashton has been in comedy all his life so hes not new to the genre. Question is does all of this translate to instant success? I don't think so.
Where it gets tricky is the fact that the show in itself was and would always be "The Charlie Sheen show". Changing the lead a show like this has never worked out well. Not to mention the fact that this show was probably the biggest show on TV, commanding $200,000 for a 30second ad slot.
Chuck Lorre has to make sure he's got his storyline down pat. If he doesn't, Two and a Half Men fans would cry wolf so fast his head would spin. Another point is, Demi Moore's husband A.K.A Ashton Kutcher  should make sure the show is fool proof or else his career would tank after this.
He should be himself and not try to be Charlie Sheen, but then again can we tell the viewers to watch the new episodes without looking at Ashton and comparing him to Charlie? Nope!
That being said, a cool million per episode is not bad and i am glad he's getting big bucks.
Sheen on the other hand, Fresh off his US tour (talk about rock star fantasies) has been mouthing off as to how badly the show would do without him. sorry Charlie "Not Winning"
I know for a fact that the maiden episode starring Mr Demi Moore oops sorry Ashton Kutcher would pull in at least 14 million viewers. From there on out its sink or swim!
Who's winning now Charlie?

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