Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beyonce - 4: Review

Beyoncé’s fourth studio album leaked online on Tuesday.  I would like to point out here that I am not at this time admitting that I own a copy of the album, digital or hardcopy. All I am willing to admit is I had a listening session.
Anyways, I am not Beyoncé’s biggest fan neither do I own any of her previous albums. I do however respect her work ethic and the quality of music she has put out so far. From “Crazy in Love” with Jay Z  to “ Baby Boy” with Sean Paul to “Irreplaceable”, not forgetting “Single Ladies” You have to admit that she has put out some good music.
When I finally listened to the first single off the album sometime in April, I was totally and utterly disappointed. I am not saying the song in itself was horrible but I really did expect more. C’mon Bee you could do better than that cheap ass beat and lackluster lyrics. When I saw the video, all I could do was wonder whose idea this was. The entirety of the song was a repetition of the phrase “who run the world, girls” with a dash of MutherF***ing thrown in at regular intervals. At this point I wasn’t looking forward to the album.
Few weeks later, on the American Idol finale, she debuted the opening track on the album titled 1+1, introducing it as her favorite song on the album. The track was almost a capella. All you hear is her lovely voice and the piano. On the track she sings “Make love to me” in such an orgasmic voice (Yes please) and I felt like this was more the Beyoncé I know. Thus my Faith was restored.
Fast-forward to the 7th of June when i “attended a private listening session” a full 3 weeks before the album release date. Really  Columbia??? Jay Z?? smh. Anyway, the 12 track album opened with 1+1 and from then on its all R n B ish  ballards which beyonce took advantage of to remind us that she really can sing. “I miss you”  “Best thing I ever had”, Tracks 3 and 4 respectively, are tracks that you would definitely have on repeat. I see those 2 topping the charts in a couple of weeks.
Mr Andre 3000 showed up on the 5th track “Party” which was produced by Kanyewest. Trust 3000 was the only high point on the song. But with a good video, I see a lot of potential here. I know everyone who has any idea what good music is would definitely want to see Andre 3000. His study leave at Julliard sure left me missing him *cough* (No homo)
Track 6 “Rather die young” and 7 “ start over” are your standard R n B singing/crying. Nothing to see here. *skip* *skip*
The 8th track titled “Love on top” has a retro 80’s feel. That I am sure everyone would definitely enjoy for the nostalgic feel. Thumbs up Bee!
Track 9 titled “Countdown” is probably my best track on the album. Maybe I am just a certified hiphop head. Jay Z or Kanye  had better jump on this one and make a remix. Honestly this is the only track I would have on repeat on the whole album. Just keeping it real folks! *repeat*
Track 10 “End of time” is the weed smoking cousin of “Run the world”. Curiously though I think she sampled Fela Kuti on this song. Regardless though it wasn’t enough to salvage this junk. Just too awful! *skip*
“ I Was Here” which is the 11th track is such an oddly placed track. But it’s hauntingly beautiful. Ok maybe I’ll have 2 tracks on repeat. I actually liked this one. Beyoncé went all out on this. All Beef aside, she’s got some amazing pipes on her. *repeat*
The album closes with the horror show that is “Run the World”. How or why this song made the album I would never understand. *Skip to track 9*
Overall, it’s not one of Bee’s best body of work, but it’s not horrible either. I think the whole idea behind the album was going back to her R n B roots, which if you ask me is not a bad idea, due to the fact that that genre is relatively dormant at the moment. Is this the album that would re-awaken the genre? Abso-fuckin-lutely not! But it is a step in the right direction.
Obvious in the album is the fact that it seems like she really has an alter ego. The album is split in 2 parts one very tame part and one Fierce and energetic no nonsense part. I am inclined to say I like the Sasha Fierce half better but then again with songs like “Run the World” im left wondering if Sasha has gone tone deaf.
A lot of planning obviously went into the album, and I am sure that is the reason why the album is more R n B than the border-line pop everyone was expecting and in my opinion the reason for that is very simple RIRI!!! The album is totally different from RiRi’s . So anyone who compares both album should probably go get a CAT scan. Or just get a cat and stick to listening to its annoying  purrings and leave music alone.  It was never a competition in the first place anyways and it seems like Beyoncé has realized that.
Long story short. If you love RnB then please get the album. It’s decent and a good listen. Only 2 good songs on there for me but feel free to let me know what you think when you eventually “buy” the album. If you decide not to buy the album, then please let me know what recent RnB album you have in your collection. NeYo? R.Kelly? smh
See ya!

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