Sunday, June 26, 2011


The highly hyped  award show started off with the pre- show which was held outdoors in the scorching LA sun. With performances from Lloyd, who decided to give the ladies a taste of his scrawny chest , Miguel also did his thing, not forgetting Diggy Simons who had his first live stage performance and it was evident from his random, over energetic  dance moves and the NSYNC type dance routine closer.
The BET chairman/ CEO, debra Lee wore the ugliest dress of the night. Her dress was so horrible it actually made 106 n Park’s Rocsi’s “little torn white dress” look a whole lot better
I was in shock when I saw YC come on to perfom that barely audible racks on racks song. To make matters worse old man Nelly with no shame at all was on stage too screaming Racks on Racks on Racks. Gosh! How the might have fallen.
Finally the Award show started and Mary J Blige opened in a sexy white one piece and performed Real Love. As always she killed the performance. Anita  Baker and her hair joined her on stage and they performed “Rapture” together. Next thing you know we are hearing DJ Khaled screaming his head off, followed by Jadakiss and his highly baggy white pants  (who wears a baggy suit)spitting a few bars amidst  DJ khaled’s screaming. MJB took the chorus and I have no idea what that song was all about. Thanks for ruining an awesome performance Khaled. I appreciate.
Kevin Hart who was the host for the night finally makes an appearance  alongside some little kids doing a dance number to Lil Wayne’s “6 foot 7”. He then proceeded to roast on everyone on the audience. Starting with Busta Rhymes Jacket,  NeYo’s head, Diddy’s name changing habits and on and on.
Taraji P Henson came on to present an award with her nipples poking out of her sequined dress.  Chris brown took the award for best male RnB artist. A well deserved award if you ask me. He’s definitely put some major work in. Kill yourselves #RihannaNavy
Man of the moment , Rick Ross (like it or not) came on to perform Aston Martin Music, thankfully he had a shirt on and of course, DJ khaled came on to scream our heads off alongside Ace Hood  and Lil Wayne, performing  “hustle Hard”. Asides DJ Khaled, it was a pretty decent performance
Remember Tracy Ellis Ross who played Joan on the urban show Girlfriends and Malcom  who played Theo on The Cosby Show? Apparently BET decided to use the Award show to promote their *yawn* Jaden and Willow smith “both” won the Young Star award and as usual Willow was dressed like a gypsy. Don’t know whos her stylist but whoever the person is he/she should be stabbed with a rusted knife
Enter Kevin hart roasting on Rick Ross and his breasts, and a really funny skit titled “Real Husbands of Hollywood”
Keri Hilson came on to present the Best female Hip Hop Artist  along side some guy who I do not know. His suit was two sizes over-sized. Funny thing about this award was Nicki Minaj was nominated along side some very low budged females who obviously had no hope whatsoever of wining. So when she was called up to receive the award, First thing she said (with all the sarcasm in the world) was “I can’t believe I won”. Way to go Nicki!
The recently slimmed Jill Scott came on to perform some really boring sleep inducing number and all I could see where her huge huge breasts! #ilike!
The Best Group award went to Diddy Dirty Money! Words cannot explain how fucked up this shit is. Diddy Dirty Money is a group? Anyways, old man Diddy (or is it “Swag” now) and his ghetto sidekicks proudly received the award.
Chris brown’s performance was ODD, First off the pants were weird and he had a jacket with no sleeves. Of course he performed “Look at me now” alongside Busta Rhymes minus Lil Wayne
The Cast of “The Game” came on to present the Best Collabo Award and promptly made a fool of themselves. Nice. The Award went to Chris Brown and crew for “Look at me now”
Kanye West won the best Hip Hop artist award. No complaints here on that one. Yeezy had the absolutely best album in the past 1 year. He egotistically wasn’t on hand to receive the award. O well!
Best New Artiste Award went to Wiz Khalifa who made a show of kissing professional groupie Amber Rose. He was definitely not the best artiste on the nominee list but he definitely was the artiste with the biggest buzz so it was deserved I guess
BET treated the ladies to half naked men themed Performances from Trey Songs and Kelly Rowland followed by a tribute to the armed forces and the BET CEO and her ugly dress giving a humanitarian award to Steve Harvey. Is it just me or does he look like Mr Potato head??  Just saying!
Mary Mary took home the best gospel album award. I would like to point out though that nominees were not called out. Only at the BETs! The Award was presented by “The Braxtons” Yes Toni Braxton’s entire family! How they came to be worthy of camera time I would never understand. Reality TV and it’s evils.
D’banj took home the best International act award in the African category. Thumbs up Mo’hits
Wasn’t the best award show, but wasn’t the worst either;
Nobody was super glammed up dress wise. I’ guessing the idea was to be very urban with it. Wish Kevin hart had gotten more face time. The Patti Labelle tribute was too long. Geez!  BET should realize that their viewership does not include people who listened to Patti.  The lady just went on and on calling out people who no one watching the show had any idea who they were.
There was too much Chris Brownism  if you ask me. I would have also loved to see Lupe Fiasco perform. But knowing Lupe I’m sure he probably said something derogatory about BET, so no surprise there.
The best performance was Beyonce’s but sadly she was away in England, so the performance was streamed live.
Riddle me this though: How do you make a name for yourself by screaming your name over and over again on a song?


  1. wtf did lloyd do to his hair *smh* Mary J killed it as usual. and yeah who wears a baggy suit, errmmm only jada. Nelly should go jump in a pool, if he feels like jumping around at his age. looooool Steve defo looks like Mr potato head. the best male r&b award in my own opinion should have gone to Bruno Mars rather than Mr Venting (chris goldie hair brown. will and jada wld defo b proud of their kids, even if there was no competition in their category tho. #justsaying. Kevin Hart should have been given more time true.but the Real Husbands of Hollywood thingy was a good one tho. in a wrap i give the awards a 6/10. could have been wayyyyyy better.

  2. Its not right that the award for the international artists wasnt awarded on stage!! Thats not right they travelled all the way From africa and the UK. Really how disrespectful. Something has to be done these people have worked just as hard if not harder to get where they are! Dont invite people from different countries then they buy a ticket fly all the way from Africa or The UK then you award him backstage thats not right!! Thats sooooooo WRONG!!! Who cares about fashion who cares about the censor!! Look at the real problem!!! Internationsl artists deserve to be recognized on stage for the world to see!!! This is wrong and you know it!!!